#SHEIS- A Poem by Naina

Who is she.
She is a woman.
She is beautiful, beautiful at heart.
She is kind, kind by nature.
She is loving, and she is someone whom we all need.
She is sensitive, as she can feel your emotions.
She is tough, she can battle anything.
She is smart, smart enough to make her own choices.
She is a rebel, rebel against the society which pulls her back every time.
She is a leader, an employee, an employer or an entrepreneur.
She is self-made.
She is anything and everything she wants to be.
She will not let anyone else decide what she should wear or if she should educate herself.
She will not allow anyone else to define her limits.
She will not let any magazines or ads decide if her body is perfect or not, she is perfect just the way she is.
She will not let society decide her worth because she knows the same society will not stand by her in her downfalls.
She does not need anyone to lift her, she can lift herself.
She is on a journey, a journey to discover herself, and grow stronger and stronger as each day passes by.
She has built a foundation for herself, a foundation from the bricks, that were thrown at her.
She is here to live it up, to follow her heart, her instincts, and make this world a better place to live in.
A man, yes her man is not her financial planner, he is her love, her life partner, and she does not need to depend on him.
She is independent.
She does not deserve cruelty, harassment, judgment; all she deserves is love and respect.
She is fearless, and by fearless she doesn’t mean she is not afraid of anything – she means – she’ll survive even the things that scare her to death.
She is here to make a difference, she believes in herself, and she’ll not allow you to make her feel any different.
She is a daughter.
She is a sister.
She is a wife.
She is a daughter-in-law.
She is a mother.
She is a grandmother.
Beyond all these.
Who is she you ask.
Is she me. No, I say; she is you, she is me, and she is all of us.
Who wakes up every morning, just to compete with her own self and prove to the world that she is unstoppable.
Her journey has just begun – right now, right here.
That’s who she is. She believes in being strong, even when things go wrong.