Diksha Agrawal

I was clinically diagnosed with depression when I was in class 12. Learning about it, my school’s management didn’t support me in taking my board exams – as they were worried about their school reputation and average results. My parents insisted that I should be allowed to take the exams in spite of my illness and somehow managed to convince the management to do so. However, since I wasn’t in a stable state of mind I wasn’t able to concentrate much and was admitted into hospitals a few times during that course. That was probably the worst phase of my life; yet when I would look at my parents’ I would constantly remind myself to fight through this. It took me a while to resurface from it all, but I did. Today, I am pursuing a degree in pharmacy and I want to work towards creating awareness for mental illness, stress related disorders. Being a first-hand victim of it, I want to bring this awareness that it’s okay to talk about it openly as it can only help you recover better and faster.