Mitul – A Mother, a Wife and a Career Woman

Yes, a woman can be successful at being a mother, a wife and a career oriented professional – all at the same time. All it requires for working moms to thrive at a workplace is reasonable role models and supportive supervisors.

Spotlight on: Bhagyashree, A Modern Woman

Her parents are her inspiration as they encouraged her to explore her talents and interests. A long-term career at Arcgate, a new city, a new business and a whole lot of learning – the endless possibilities in front of her and the promise of so much more to come is inspiring. #Arcgatian

Art Illustrations Exploring Feminine Narratives

A few of our people here at Arcgate chose the artistic path of self-expression and delivering the message for uplifting and supporting women. Instead of talking and trying to explain concepts in words, they visualized it in their paintings and posters.

So why should women work?

Deepshika’s take on why women should work is simple – She earns. She learns. She evolves. She enriches. She inspires. Her work can make a difference to her life and to those around her. #Arcgatians

Stumbling Blocks

Nidhi is a proud Arcgatian and is the first in her family to step out to work. A forever moment of pride! A positive culture for women is one in which employees feel trusted, valued, heard and comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. #Arcgatians

Mother’s Day Celebrations @Arcgate #ArcgatianMom

Being a mom is hard job – a beautiful one – but still hard whether you work outside of home or not. And thus, mom-guilt is real – Am I choosing the right diaper for my kid? Is this snack really healthy for my kid? This guilt, of whether I am making the right choices for my child, is real – and working mom guilt is all too real. It is a part of all working moms’ everyday lives, and most of them can’t seem to escape it no matter how hard they try.

Most working mothers are engulfed with a sense of guilt, especially during their early years – as they fear that they are failing to take care of their kids when they are away at work. But it is important for them to know that going to work doesn’t necessarily mean that you love your kids any less. A working mom is constantly living with this conflict of having to go to work and wanting to be home with the kids – both at the same time. And we know it’s hard; but it doesn’t have to be this way! Next time you feel this way – tell yourself you are teaching your kids the value of work. You are teaching them a sense of duty. Work is an essential part of life and what better role models can there be than working moms to inculcate values like – stepping up to your responsibilities and that success takes daily commitment – early on in their kids.

So let go of that mom-guilt! Every mom, whether she chooses to work or to be a stay-at-home-mom, should be praised and supported. As there is no right way or wrong way, it is what is right for you in your situation. Today in honor of Mother’s Day we just want to remind all moms [working or stay-at-home] that they should celebrate their accomplishments at home and at work, and feel great that they are growing along with their family.

The Importance of Women in Sports

The playing field has never been even, but in the last decade, more and more women have shown others how to make a career in sports. Seeing is one step closer to being.

Yoshita Vyas is passionate about swimming and by the age of 12, she had won a total of 7 golds, 12 silver and 3 bronze medals. Her parents have played an important role in her swimming career. She seemed to understand the mechanics of the breaststroke very well and she started mastering it. Dilip Singh Chauhan, a highly regarded coach, worked on the young swimmer and he made her confident about her skills and pushed her into accepting greater challenges.

She has set multiple state records and has represented her state 14 times at the national level. A student of St. Mary’s High School, Udaipur, she started swimming at an early age; the school also helped her to focus on her swimming career along with her performance in academics too.

Encouraging Women in Sports

Women in sport defy gender stereotypes; make inspiring role models, and show men and women as equals. Gaurvi Singhvi, 16, is an open water long distance swimmer with a record of being the youngest to cover a distance of 47 km in the Indian Ocean. She believes if you have a dream, a dream that you must, you will have all the energies to accomplish it. You cannot reach your goal until you break your boundaries of fear, and come out as a winner. She aspires to cross the English Channel in the near future.

Being vulnerable is not easy, but it can change people’s lives

Women telling their stories openly, owning it and showing the world where it brought them, will empower others to speak up and understand how valuable their life stories and experiences are for the world. #SheIsUdaipur #Empowerwomen #YourStoryMatters


When women share their stories of personal triumph, they often have the potential to give hope, to inspire and to help change lives #SheisUdaipur @Arcgate

MYRjsim Rana यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, १२ एप्रिल, २०१९

Inspiring Working Women

When working women share their inspirational, first-hand career stories they can motivate young girls to follow whatever career path they choose regardless of gender. #GenderEquality #CareerWoman #SheIsUdaipur