Saluting strong women

Udaipur wants to salute women who have achieved something special or have reached the center-stage with persistence, perseverance and hard work. #SheIsUdaipur #YourStoryMatters

She is strong; #SheIsUdaipur

#SheIsUdaipur – an initiative by Arcgate and 94.3 MYFM – aims to encourage active steps towards appreciating all the amazing women around and their achievements. All women are an inspiration to someone in their own ways, and we should take a moment to appreciate the women in our lives.

Persevere and win against the odds

Success is the eventual result of hard work. So with a little dose of grit, perseverance, love, sweat and (may be a few tears and failures too in the stride) you can never go wrong. #Perseverance #Grit #SheIsUdaipur #RjSimMyFm 

Women’s Day Celebrations 2019

Celebrating women today and every day! Every single woman has done something inspiring for someone else, they are all role models. It doesn’t matter if they are at home with their kids or running a company. #InternationalWomenDay #AmazingArcgatians #EmployeeEngagement #SheIsUdaipur #SheIsArcgate